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allows companies to register with multiple sites easily and you don't need to fill same boring forms again and again

INFEX was made keeping in mind your company as the centre of the universe.

 It was born with the need to conserve and protect the information you share with others while making it very easy to do so. Many sites use data in many ways without your knowledge. Now, you can be incotrol of your information and how it should be used. INFEX stores your information securely and allows its usage only based on your preferences. This provides a secure and convenient way to share the information to who you want, when you want, how many times you want, and most importantly what you want

As we develop/ enhance INFEX further, this is what you can look forward to

  1. Many more features to organise and store corporate information
  2. Secure features with better control over information you want to share with others
  3. Analytics about who is interested in your information
  4. Apply to events, platforms (like funding/ lending platforms, etc.) with one click
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